☆"The TOP 100 Video Games To Play Before You Die" Part 3 of 4☆ #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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RetroGaming Videogames
The Top 100 Games To Play Before You Die - Part 3

Recently we asked the 'TwitterVerse' what games we need to play before we die......

After compiling countless nominations from all of the

☆Friends Of The Freezer

we have managed to compile the definitive 

☆Games Freezer☆ list of..........

"The TOP 100 Video Games To Play Before You Die"☆

 We'll be releasing the full list of 100 over the course of 4 Articles on www.GamesFreezer.eu


This is Part 3.........

There's some lesser known titles and there's some classics that make up this list

Remember this list was nominated by all the Twitter Followers of @GamesFreezer and we think it's one of the most diverse Top 100's EVER assembled!

So what are we waiting for??

Lets Carry On The Countdown with Part 3 - #49 to #25

49. Okami

48. Psychonauts

47. Folklore

46. Terranigma

45. Beyond Good & Evil

44. Silent Hill 2

43. Shenmue

42. Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

41. Elite

40. Night Driver

39. Contra

38. Turrican

37. Jet Set Willy

36. Shinobi

35. Golden Axe

34. International Karate+

33. Space Harrier

32. Super Mario Bros 3

31. Outrun

30. Street Fighter IV


29. Front Mission 3

28. Renegade

27. Mr Do

26. Pacman

25. Spy Hunter 



So we are on the home straight now!

25 Games Left In Our Top 100 Games To Play Before You Die!

How Many Of These Classics have you played?

Which Ones Do You Disagree With So Far?


We'll be back soon with the FINAL 25 games in Part 4 of The Top 100 Video Games To Play Before You Die!

Games Freezer Retrogaming Video Games


☆GamesFreezer's Favourite #Kickstarter Campaigns - 30th October 2013☆ #GamersUnite

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Trawling Kickstarter for Cool projects has become one of our favourite past times.

Having recently backed the successful Artcade project we are hungry to back some more successful Video Game related projects.

So we've done the searching for you so you can take your pick of the best projects to back.....

So Here's Our Full Rundown Of Our 5 Fave Current Projects

1. BotLogic.US - "A Game To Inspire Future Innovators"

BotLogic is aiming to create an online tool to enable children to learn basic coding & programming from a young age.

A great idea from the BotLogic guys who are aiming to raise $100,000 by November 21st

2. The Vanamo Online Game Museum
How cool is this, the guy on this project has been on a personal crusade to create the largest collection of High Video Game hardware images in order to improve the Wikipedia images and the images present of hardware on the web at the moment.

He now wants to undertake a project to buy and curate the physical hardware and place it into an actual Game Museum whilst also creating and amazing set of free images available to everyone online to either view or use for free.

A really great project that deserves to succeed. 

$5465 out of $8500 has been pledged so far and with 4 Days left they need your help to achieve the goal set for this cool RetroGaming project!

3. Rebuild: "Gangs Of Deadsville"

You are going to love this project!

"It's Sim City meets The Walking Dead. Rebuild civilization one building at a time in this strategy game for Win, Mac, iOS, & Android."

Sarah Northway has previously created two rebuild games and this time wants to create a bigger and better experience and so has hired some extra help, this extra help comes at a cost and that's where Kickstarter comes in!

 $38k out of a $25k target has been pledged so far! 30 hours to go to be a part of it.....get backing!

4. Night In The Woods

What a great video this project has to accompany the campaign!
It really makes you want this game to happen.

"Night In The Woods is a 2D story-focused adventure/exploration game with many extracurricular activities to enjoy, characters to meet, and secrets to discover. Run, jump and use astral projection to explore the many sides of town of Possum Springs and the surrounding environs. Waste time around town with your crew of loser friends. Gain abilities that grant passage to new areas. Discover the secrets of a large cast of characters and the town itself. Experience a big crazy world and the remarkable events unfolding there. Play bass. Break stuff." 

Sounds cool don't it! (looks cool too!)

This has been so much of a success it was fully funded within 26 hours!!

$117k has been pledged out of a target of $50k with 22 days remaining! (WOW!)

5. Confederate Express

This project is by far our favourite of the moment! 

We can't get enough of great pixel art games and this is a beauty!

Check out the cool vid on kickstarter and let us know whether that makes you wanna play this cool game or not.

Pixels + Zombies + RPG = WINNER!!

Thankfully the project is already fully funded so confederate Express will happen! HOORAH!

$14k backed out of a target of $10k with 21 days to go





Games Freezer
Watch Out For More KickStarter Gems From
☆The GamesFreezer☆   Soon......


☆Hip Hop & Video Games - "The RAP Game"☆ @CloudKlaus #GamersUnite

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Video Games
The RAP Game Reviews From "A Cloud Called Klaus"

What's the perfect combination?


Nutella & Pancakes?


Bacon & Eggs?


What about Hip Hop & Video Games!?

Our greatest gaming sessions have been played to the background music of The Wu Tang Clan or Dr Dre whilst spending hours getting stuck into Pro Evolution Soccer session with friends,

It just seems perfect to us, smooth flows and pixels were always meant to be....

So imagine our joy when we discovered A Cloud Called Klaus and his You Tube Series entitled "The RAP Game" where Klaus reviews Video Games in the form of a truly entertaining and tight RAP.

"The Rap Game is a fortnightly show where our host, A Cloud Called Klaus, gives you an insight into how he found his bimonthly gaming. Updated every other Saturday"

It makes listening to a game review so much more engaging and we are loving Klaus' style, this man is a STAR IN THE MAKING!

You have got to be listening & watching Klaus' Reviews they are not to be missed!

So follow Klaus on Twitter HERE

Watch Klaus' RAP Game Videos HERE and DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO HIS CHANNEL to keep up to date with his latest Reviews!

Let us know if you agree with us about our perfect combo?


What do you listen to whilst playing Video Games? A bit of Beethoven or Iron Maiden Maybe?


☆SEGA Megadrive 25 year Anniversary☆ @theREZtron #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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The SEGA Megadrive / Genesis is one of the Legends of our relatively young hobby.

25 Years Old is a young age for most but when you think that the SEGA Megadrive is a quarter of a century old......

Then you start to think "W☆W how did that happen?!"

So in honour of this truly momentous landmark in the history of videogames an event is being held by REZtron to celebrate the mighty Megadrive in all its 16 bits of beauty!

Tuesday October 29th is the date.

Hoxton Pony Is The Venue.....

And This Is Where You Can Buy Tickets For The Unbelievably Cheap Price Of £2.50!Eventbrite.co.uk

I don't think anyone can deny that it's going to be a great night as attendees will have the opportunity to play some classic games such as Sonic, Micro Machines, Streetfighter II and MORE!

Plus a Sonic Speed competition on the night will see a Sonic The Hedgehog Green Hill Zone Champion crowned!

What are you waiting for?

Get yourselves down to The Hoxton Pony on Tuesday 29th October!!


Let Us Know If You Are Going As We May See You THERE!!


* Website Of The Day - "Retro Game Shelf" * @Razor792 #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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Retro Game Shelf

Todays WEBSITE OF THE DAY is a lovingly crafted website that's full of character and great opinion.

If you want great content and an abundance of cool articles you really need to head on over to RetroGameShelf.com

If we were you we would start with Retro Game Shelf Top 20 Games the so as you can get a flavour for what is dear to RGS' heart

We absolutely love the look and feel of this great website and will definitely be adding it to the Friends Of The Freezer section today as we want to be making a return visit soon!

In the mean time check out these cool features on RetroGameShelf.com

How To Print Dreamcast Cover Art

Thomas Was Alone Review

Head over there now and let us know what you think? 

(but don't stay too long as the Freezer gets jealous easily!)

**Richard Reporting Directly From The Game Shelf**


☆Website Of The Day "Dead End Thrills"☆ @DeadEndThrills #GamersUnite

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Dead End Thrills

We love pawing over Game Art and we just cant get enough of it.

As anyone who follows our Games Freezer Pinterest Board will know we lap Game Art up and can lose many an hour trawling the web for the finest examples.

When we came across the Dead End Thrills website we were blown away by the amazingly high quality Game Art that was on show.

This website lets the amazingly beautiful art do all the talking and presents it in a way where you can get lost just clicking through the 1000's of available images.

So what's the twist here? 

Well the game art is actually stills taken from the actual games themselves at high res that really brings to life some amazing moments from the games themselves.

Read this to find out what DET is all about

Once you've done that head on over to DeadEndThrills.com

We LOVE Dead End Thrills, what's your favourite place to get your Game Art Kicks?

 Richard Reporting From The Freezer Gallery Room


☆Blog Of The Day "Boxed Pixels"☆ @JulianHillUK #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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The Wonderful Boxed Pixels Blog!

This week we found a great blog that we can really associate with.

Julian Hill is a man on a mission...

A mission of RE-Discovery......

Julian's Blog "Boxed Pixels" aims to chart his mission to re discover that heavenly joy he felt when he would open up a SNES boxed game and pop it into his oh so cherished SNES.

As Julian says, 

"Will I still love these SNES games now after barely having seen them for 20 years?

What would it be like to hold the boxes in his hands and put them on his games shelf after all this time?  

Is the magic of the golden age still in those boxes and in the pixels within"

Julian has gone through all the SNES games he could find listed and he's picked 80 'wants' and 70 'maybes' 

The key for Julian is to ensure all the SNES games he purchases are in boxes and not just loose carts as he wants to do this right.

He has cleared a space in his garage to house this potential new collection and is currently working his way through as many SNES games as he can over the coming months.

Julian is 20 games in already having started in April. 

We'll be following his quest closely and cheering him on all the way.

Head over to Boxed Pixels NOW to catch up with Julian's progress!

He's already covered some absolute classics such as:

Cannon Fodder

Pop N TwinBee 

Contra 3

and the Super Cool UN Squadron

Let us know what you think about Julian's mission....

Has it inspired you to do something similar?


☆The Games Freezer Dream Arcade☆ #RetroGaming #Gamersunite

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O.K so we've all had the daydream about owning all the arcade machines that get you excited just by mentioning them in a sentence….

So, let us just imagine for one moment that Video Gaming Fairy God Mother was going to grant you with your wish……..


She'll grant you your very own custom Games Room wish BUT……..

You got only enough room to fit 10 Bad Boy Machines and you gotta choose  NOW!!

Where would you begin?

Would you start with some absolute classics or would you stock up on some of the latest arcade cabinets in the world of arcade machines?

 We set ourselves 15 minutes to decide our Arcades and this is what we came up with for 

"The Games Freezer Dream Games Room"

  • 1 - Street Fighter II

    No Arcade is complete without a Street Fighter II Machine.

    We'd choose this beauty which has various versions of the grand master of fighting games and it would have pride of place in our dream arcade
    You can pick it up for a cool £2000 from Arcade Direct 

    • 2 - NBA JAM : Tournament Edition

    4 Player entertainment doesn't get any better than this machine, every "BoomShakaLaka" and "He's On Fire" just makes us love this machine even more! 

    We preferred the Tournament Edition because of the ability to do "Alley-Oops" and also the improved rosters 

    We found it on Vintage Arcade for $1895

    • 3 - Mario Kart GP 2

    We are truly in Arcade heaven when there's a 4 Player GP 2 machine in the same vicinity as us! 

    Another multi player barrel of laughs, this would get played to death!

    You don't see the 4 player versions often but when you do, make sure you take advantage of competing against 4 live players, legendary gaming experience!

    We found this bad boy on Arcade Game Superstore for the best part of $22000!

    • 4 - Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja 

    This game stole most of our youth from us as it was strategically placed in the Video Shop that we went to on a daily basis and to this day it remains an uncompleted game for us despite endless 20p's pumped into it only for the Wacca Wacca Man to eat us alive! 

    We searched it out for £1095 from Find Arcade Machines on one of their cool multi game machine

    • 5 - Out Run

    To spy an Out Run Cabinet in an arcade fills you with joy. The pure nature of this Arcade experience is second to none. Climb inside the cab and choose your music and away you go with your girl in your cool car......PERFECT! 

    We could only find the mini cabinet for $300 on eBay 

    Ideally our dream Arcade contains the deluxe version pictured above!

    • 6 - Tecmo World Cup 90

    The local Fish & Chip Shop had this beauty in their shop and as you waited for your cod & chips you could attempt to lift the World Cup with such contenders as JAPAN!!! (They didn't even qulaify for World Cup 90!)

    We located the PCB Board for $89 on eBay but it was impossible to locate the actual original Machine, maybe you'll have more luck than us?
    • 7 - Operation Wolf

    Always loved the way the gun gave the feedback as you rattled off magazine after magazine of bullets into the bad guys. It was always one of those games where you would put in another 20p to get past that last bit  

    We managed to find it on Choo Choo Arcades for $995

    • 8 - Golden Tee Golf

    Being great lovers of Golf games meant that this was always the holy grail of golf games with its clever use of the trackball controls.

    This would always pop up in a pub somewhere and would get played endlessly whilst simultaneously getting drunk....Good Times! 

    We found Golden Tee for $3875 at BMI Gaming
    • 9 - WrestleFest

    In our opinion this was the golden era of the WWF and this game was our favourite wrestling game of all time!
    It had all the wrestlers, all the moves and it also had 4 Player capability!! Quite simply immense!
    We found it on Monkeys Arcades for $3304
    • 10 - Mortal Kombat

     Can you beat the cry of "FINISH HIM!" in an Arcade? We dont think so!
    Playing Mortal Kombat in an Arcade the way it was meant to be played is what its all about so "Get Over Here!"
    We found a cabinet on eBay for $350

     Our Dream Arcade Comes In At A Whopping $38,000 / £24,000!

    How much would yours cost?

    What Arcade Games would make the cut for you?