☆The Games Freezer Top 5 Christmas Themed Games☆ #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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Every day in The Freezer is like Christmas as we get to play the best RetroGames and New Games out there!


Also it's pretty chilly in here whether it's Winter Or Summer!


Now it's Christmas Eve, we are well truly in the Christmas Spirit and we started to reminisce about years gone by when a Christmas Themed game would always spring up around this time of year.


Now we've had a chat about it over some mulled wine and some of The Freezer's home made Christmas Cake and we have drunkenly decided on these 5 Christmas treats for all you Freezer Followers........MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A FREEZER NEW YEAR!

5. Christmas Nights Into Dreams - Saturn
Christmas Nights was a two-level game of Nights into Dreams that was released in December 1996.
Nights into Dreams was a cool series and we love playing this game at Christmas!

4.Home Alone - SNES
The Home Alone film is a modern day Christmas classic! 

The same can't be said for the Video Game but you have to include it in this Top 5 because at the time we were just so hyped about playing a Home Alone Game!

We like the battle vs the spider in the basement best (although it had nothing to do with the film plot!!)  
3. Angry Birds - Christmas Seasons - Android

Angry Birds has saved our sanity over the years on long journeys and boring commutes, so what better way to travel to your folks for the holiday season than to whip out your phone and have an Angry Birds Seasons Greedings Session to get you into the Christams mood!

2. James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod - Megadrive

We were big fans of this on the Megadrive and loved every minute of James Pond's second adventure!

Here's what it's all about!
Dr. Maybe has taken over Santa's workshop and is holding Santa's workers hostage.

Many of Santa's helpers have been turned into Dr Maybe's horrible assistants.

It's down to James Pond to infiltrate Santa's grotto, free the Santa's captive helpers, retrieve the stolen toys for the children of the world, and defeat Dr. Maybe once and for all !!


1. Christmas Lemmings - Amiga

Our number 1 Christmas themed game has to be Christmas Lemmings.

Lemmings ahs so much charm and wonderful gameplay, add into that mix a Christmas setting and you have a game that is just perfect Christmas play for everyone!

If you search out one Christmas themed retrogaming gem this Christmas, let it be Christmas Lemmings!

What's your favourite Christmas themed Video Game of all time?


Think about it over the holiday season and let us know!




☆Website Of The Day - "Hall Of Light"☆ #RetroGaming #GamersUnite #Amiga

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RetroGaming, Amiga



The Hall Of Light (HOL) 

The HOL Project's Mission is to catalogue all the official games that were released commercially for the Commodore Amiga

When you first visit the site the first thing that springs to mind is that it is minimalist in design as you are presented with a set of search parameters with little fuss made about the presentation of the site itself. 

But you soon learn that less IS more as the database stands at a HUGE 5590 games!

Once you undertake a search you are presented with a really smart and simple screen that shows a screen-shot from the game and then has various tabs to highlight key information about the game such as:

  • General Information Tab - Giving Year Of Release, Number Of Disks, Publisher, Number Of Players, Genre etc
  • Reviews - Listing the reviews and scores from those reviews with a link to those reviews
  • Manual - Where possible, a link to an online manual is given
  • Cheat Code - Where possible a Cheatcode is listed
  • Web Link - A list of other sites such as Lemon Amiga etc that feature the game
  • Screen-shot - Showcases additional screenshots for the game
  • Box Scan - A scan of the original Box Art
  • Disk Scan - A scan of the original disk
  • Misc Shot - A scan of other materials that may be of interest from the original game
  • Conversion - Screenshots from other system conversions of the same game
  • Game Map - Where one exists a scan of the game map will be included

The website highlights the following re it's marvellous database:

"Most games in the database are of the boxed, commercial variety but there are exceptions:

  • Licenceware games are considered commercial enough to be included.
  • Shareware, freeware and general Public Domain games are generally not present but they may be added if they form a fuller picture of a commercial person or entity.
  • A number of unreleased Amiga games are referenced. The status of these games varies; some exist in a near-complete or demo form while others never progressed beyond the announcement stage.
  • Some Open Source conversions (e.g. Doom) and games playable through interpreters (e.g. ScummVM or Exult) are listed. These are considered 'native' Amiga games."

We were lost in RetroGaming Heaven for hours searching out our favourite Amiga games over the years and drooling over the BIG BOX art and the screenshots.

For Any Amiga fan this should be your number one port of all call for all things Amiga, so get on over there now to unearth such gems as "The Bards Tale III" 


Tell us what you think of HOL assuming you can tear yourself away from the site! 

Games Freezer, RetroGaming



☆Iconic Video Game Real Estate☆ #RetroGaming #GamersUnite #Share

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Houses, Mansions and Castles have played a large part in a lot of video games over the years.

Most of this prime Video Game Real Estate provides a focal point or setting for each of the games they are featured in.

It is also notable that a house, mansion or castle is usually a good setting for a spooky or darn right terrifying game.......

We decided to do a bit of digging around in the gaming history books again to uncover an 13 of the most Iconic examples of video game real estate over the years.

So without further ado "let's go through the keyhole!"

The Imperial Prison inside the Imperial Palace is the starting point for your hero in Elder Scrolls and the Palace cuts a striking image as the White Gold Tower can be seen for miles around. 

It is listed in the Elder Scrolls Wiki as an ancient Ayleid structure, located in the Green Emperor Way District in the Imperial City on the province of Cyrodiil.

2. Curien Mansion - House Of The Dead 

House Of The Dead begins with Agent Thomas Rogan receiving a phone-call from his fiancée, Sophie Richards at the Curien Mansion, the home and laboratory of Dr. Roy Curien.

A series of ominous occurrences and disappearances at the Curien mansion leads Rogan and his partner, Agent G, to discover the estate overrun with hellish beings from the dead!!

3. TenPenny Tower  - Fallout 3

A towering and imposing building, Tenpenny Tower is a luxury hotel used as a private residential building.

It is owned by Allistair Tenpenny, who only permits a certain class of people to reside there. He is prejudiced against ghouls and will not let them reside there.

4. Bowser's Castle - Super Mario Series

Bowser's Castle is scattered throughout the Mario series in one guise or another and is generally the final area that Mario visits to fight it out with Bowser and rescue Princess Peach

5. Luigis Mansion - Luigi's Mansion

The game takes place in a haunted mansion that Luigi wins in a contest that he never entered!

Luigi tells Mario to meet him there to celebrate his victory but Luigi is then sent searching the Mansion for Mario, who is nowhere to be seen!

6. Raccoon City Zombie Mansion - Resident Evil

The first installment in the Resident Evil series introduces Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine as members of the elite S.T.A.R.S.

At the start of the game they become trapped in an old mansion infested with zombies.

As they explore the mysterious and scary mansion, they uncover clues and solve puzzles, battling the various monsters along the way (complete with scary dogs jumping through windows!!)

7. The Lakeview Hotel - Silent Hill 2

The Lakeview Hotel was constructed and opened during Silent Hill's tourist boom, in order to attract guests to visit the town. James Sunderland and his wife, Mary Shepherd-Sunderland are said to have stayed here on vacation prior to the events of Silent Hill 2.

8. The Mansion - Maniac Mansion

The developers of Maniac Mansion based the design of The Mansion on Skywalker Ranch

The SkyWalker ranch is owned by George Lucas acting as a workplace for Lucas and also as a Ranch Film Set!

9. A White House - Zork

When playing Zork the game begins near "A White House"

The White House provides the first obvious point of interest.

When you enter the house,you discover a trap door that leads down into a dark cellar.

That's where the fun starts as the cellar is actually one of many entrances to the Great Underground Empire!

10. The Haunted Mansion Of Derceto - Alone In The Dark

This SurvivalHorror game from 1992 starts your character off inside the mansion and you are then tasked with finding a way out whilst taking on the nasties that currently reside inside The Mansion

11. 55 Central Park West - Ghostbusters (Master System)

Over the years there have been various video games based on the brilliant Ghostbusters film.

The Master System version's aim is to get to Dana's apartment and defeat good old Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

In the games and the film the building where the finale happens is referred to as Dana's Apartment but in real life the building does actually exist at 55 Central Park West and is also known as "The Ghostbuster's Building"

We've rounded up but a few of the most iconic properties from Video Games that we have played over the years.

Can You Think Of Any We Have Missed?

Games Freezer, Retrogaming
Games Freezer


☆Pang Man's Retrogaming Reminisce - Part 2 "Super Play"☆ @Kosmikat #RetroGaming #Gamersunite

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Super Play Magazine, RetroGaming, SNES

The Awesome Super Play

Pang Man continues to look back at the great Video Games Magazines of the day from the 90's.

In Part 1 we heard all about Pang Man's Love for the iconic Mean Machines Magazine.

Now we pick up with him again for Part 2 and a closer look at the almighty Super Play Magazine.

"Over the years there have been many great gaming magazines.
CVG was one of my favourites in the 90s, whilst I think of the more modern day magazines –Edge is a great read. (Although I did balk at the £5 price!! when it first came out, compared to £3 for its rivals).
However, for a while there was only one magazine that was so unbelievably good , that I would re-read it multiple times. 
That magazine was called Mean Machines and after it stopped publication, I was genuinely sad.
However, in November 1992, a contender to the crown was born.  
I remember looking at the magazines in the local newsagents in Enfield Town before school and one magazine caught my eye (and not the top shelf kind!) 
It had a Japanese looking logo and some cool Anime style characters on the cover. 
It was called “Super Play”
Super Play was a monthly gaming magazine dedicated to the Super Famicom (a.k.a. Super Nintendo). 
At a mere £1.95 it was a bargain. A fantastic read, with a cool design and great reviews. Like Mean Machines it covered imported games yet to be released in the UK/US.
Super Play, Anime World

The Cool Anime World

For me though the best thing about Super Play was its promotion of anime and RPGs.
“Anime World” - a monthly article written by “Helen McCarthy” (a foremost anime expert), helped me to develop my interest in anime and opened my eyes to shows such as "3 x 3 Eyes" and "Bubblegum Crisis"
Live from Hell City, Super Play


A monthly article called “Live from Hell City” written by a British guy living in Tokyo –gave readers a fascinating insight into Japanese culture and gaming. 
Fantasy Quest, Super Play

Fantasy Quest

Whilst through, “Fantasy Quest”, readers could wet their appetite for the amazing RPGs, just released in the Land of the Rising Sun (e.g. Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest etc)
I must also give a huge shout out to Will Overton who drew the cover illustrations. 
The magazine covers were always hand drawn in an amazing manga style –in fact they were so good –I would have happily bought prints of them to display.
Super Play, Envelope Art

Superb Envelope Art

Super Play also encouraged its readers to send in their artwork –the best entries were then published in a section called “Envelope Art”. 
Some of these entries were of a fantastic standard and still hold up well even today.
Super Play ran until 1996, around the time the N64 superseded the Super Nintendo. 
The writing staff went on to publish N64 Magazine - which again sadly failed to maintain the charm of the original publication.

Was it better than Mean Machines?  

Well I wouldn’t like to choose a favourite but I would say that for me, alongside Mean Machines, Super Play was and still is the best gaming magazine of the 16bit era."
Pang Man

Pang Man has had his say, so now it's over to you....


Super Play vs. Mean Machines - Who was the greatest?  

"Pang Man Reporting From The Freezer"
 Games Freezer, Retrogaming


☆Gamers TV Of The Day - "Gameswipe" & "Get Lamp"☆ #GamersUnite #RetroGaming

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Inspired by the recent documentary on Channel 4 called "How Video Games Changed The World" we set out to start seeking out some more cool Video Games related documentaries.

So first up this week we have these two beauties!

VideoGames, RetroGaming

Charlie Brookers - Gameswipe

Another amusing look at Video Games from Charlie Brooker

We like the way that Charlie approaches the subject with humour as he goes about looking at the various genres, how they have changed over the years

It has some really good interviews with comedian Dara O'Briain, along with sitcom writer Graham Linehan and Rab and Ryan from Consolevania.

In this cool documentary type show Brooker talks video games in the same style as Screenwipe.

We like Charlie's style and this is a great video, watch it today for a good chuckle and some interesting and engaging video games views.

 Get Lamp

Get Lamp is a documentary that looks to tell the story of the creation of the text adventure games of yesteryear and more importantly those words are from the people that created them.

We love the text adventure genre and this is a great homage to the wonderful world of the text adventure.

Both of these cool documentaries are on Top Documentary Films.com which is our new fave site for some really cool documentary finds!

Give it a search to see what cool stuff you can find, in the meantime we'll keep searching on your behalf!

Let us know what you think of these two documentaries?


What are your fave gaming TV moments or shows?

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☆Pang Man's RetroGaming Reminisce - Part 1 "Mean Machines"☆ @JazRignall #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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Mean Machines, RetroGaming, UN Squadron, Videogames

The Sacred Mean Machines Magazine...

The Newest member of the Games Freezer Family has joined the team to impart some of his 30 years of Video Gaming knowledge and experience.

Please give a COOL Freezer welcome to "Pang Man"

So, who is this Pang Man you speak of?

Well, Pang Man grew up playing Super Nintendo and reading some of the finest video gaming publications of the 90's.

Over the years he has built up an extensive gaming knowledge from the consoles of yesteryear.

Pang Man was an early adopter of the import game scene in the 90's and owned one of those cool Universal game adapters for his beloved SNES.

Over the next few weeks, he will be looking back at some of the greatest video gaming magazines of the 90's, so sit back, relax and soak up the retrogaming goodness 

Pang Man's Retro gaming Reminisce - Part 1 - "Mean Machines"

"Before the IGNs of this world existed- there was a time when the best way to keep up to date with the gaming world was through monthly gaming magazines.

I grew up eagerly awaiting the next issue of my favourite magazines and still to this day keep a number of these in my cupboard.

Every year I go through my old stuff and force myself to throw away things that I seldom use.

I have disposed of my university notes (despite the belief that they would one day be useful!) and DVDs and videos, but somehow I can’t seem to bring myself to part from my precious retrogaming magazines.

Therefore with this in mind, let’s take a fond look back on 2 of my favourite titles:

Mean Machines


Super Play

So let us begin with Mean Machines:

Mean Machines was the First magazine that I bought regularly as a teenager. In those days (circa 1991) I would often spend an hour or so every week in WH Smith and read all of the gaming magazines available. Unfortunately publishers today are a bit more savvy and often seal them up.
Mean Machines covered all of the 8bit and 16 bit consoles available at the time: Sega Master System, Sega Megadrive, Super Famicon (i.e. Super NES), Gameboy and Game Gear.

What made Mean Machines so good?

Well to me it was the following:

The personality of the writing staff

This was the 1st magazine where I felt I could get to know the reviewers/writers.

The magazine would list each of their favourite games at the time of the issue, as well as providing amusing personal stories about each (e.g. best holiday). 

One writer even got a job on the writing staff after sending in funny game related comic strips to the editor!

Mean YOB:

This was a hilarious agony aunt type page –where readers could ask advice (gaming or non gaming) or tell amusing stories.

Mean YOB a cyborg type character would then respond with an answer (which would often imply that the reader was thick)

Japanese influence:

I loved anime/manga as a kid and was often envious of the amazing designs and artwork that Japanese games got.

My one pet peeve was when a game would get a Westernised makeover, as for me this took away from the charm and cool character characters of the original.

Mean Machines was amazing because it would often include Japanese artwork in the articles and reviews and unlike most of its competitors, it would review unreleased Japanese games as well.

The Reviews:

Mean Machines reviews were excellent –in addition to playability, graphics and sound, they also were the 1st magazine (that I recall) to use lastability (I.e. replayability, game difficulty and length) as well as presentation (design, in game menus) in the review criteria.

The reviews also had comments from at least 2 people, which helped give the reader alternate viewpoints on the game.

The Beginning Of The End.......

After a few years Mean Machines split into 2 magazines: Mean Machines Sega and Nintendo Magazine System.

I collected both for a while but somehow the personality and fun seemed to sadly disappear with the transition........

Luckily for me another magazine would soon appear that would restore my faith. The magazine was called Super Play!……..................(to be continued) "

Pang Man has had his say on the legendary Mean Machines Magazine....

Be sure to check back for Pang Man's next instalment......SOON!

Now it's over to you.....

Do you think Mean Machines will ever be bettered?

"Pang Man Reporting From The Freezer"



☆Game Of TheDay "SewerTea"☆ @SewerTea #GamersUnite #RetroGaming #GameDev

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You all know that we are suckers for any games that utilise pixels in the retro style, you could say that we are a slave to the pixel!

Well this game ticks all our boxes and makes us all a quiver with excitement!

Sewer Tea is a pixel adventure being worked on by kuznetsovsky that takes place in a fictional universe where Earth is now controlled by an extraterrestrial group called The Milenarians.

In the game a group has been created by the Milenarian Rebels who oppose the government beliefs. 

The rebel group have taken over an underground facility and now they have released a virus known as 

"Sewer Tea. City #00829" the virus has mutated most of the inhabitants which has turned them into an army of mutants which will need to be battled!

Sewer Tea's gameplay will see you walk into a survival rampage against dozens of different enemies throughout a retro Pixelated GameBoy-esque World!


You are cast on a quest to save mankind from the chemical threat that has originated from the underground laboratory.

The Government of the Milenarians have drafted you to the quarantined zone to find and secure the lead scientist involved in the creation of Sewer Tea

You get to Fight your way deeper into the crazy Gameboy-like randomly generated worlds as the story develops

For any questions regarding Sewer Tea, you should get in contact via email: pimpus.kuznetsowski@gmail.com

In the meantime check out the Steam Page HERE>>>>>>>>
The You Tube Trailer HERE >>>>>>>>   

Take A Peek At The Indie DB Page For Kuznetsovsky HERE>>>>>>>>>
Then finally, feast your eyes on the Indie DB Sewer Tea Page HERE>>>>>>>>>


What do you reckon? 

Is Sewer Tea getting your RetroGaming juices flowing? 

(It's sure making us get a melt on)


Games Freezer, RetroGaming